CMU -- FA reach tentative agreement

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Central Michigan University and the CMU Faculty Association have reached a tentative agreement on a new three-year contract. Details of the agreement will not be released until members of the FA and CMU ratify the tentative deal.
The tentative agreement was reached following nearly 14 hours of negotiations facilitated by Isabella County Circuit Court Judge Paul Chamberlain Thursday.
CMU and the FA were in court for a hearing on a request by CMU to make a preliminary injunction permanent, forbidding the faculty from staging a strike, and for a ruling on the appropriate legal venue for hearing a lawsuit filed by the FA against CMU regarding Public Act 54.
Negotiations began in April with both parties meeting 34 times for more than 145 hours, including six sessions with a state mediator. The FA and CMU filed for fact finding in July, which led to a series of hearings before the independent, state-appointed fact finder in September. Fact finder Barry Goldman issued his report Oct. 31.